Things I need

In order of requirement:

Tourmaline Hair Straightener - <$100
Whey Protiein - $50~
>1TB Internal HDD 7200RPM 64MB cache - <$200
Powertech Dumbbell 1090 - <$500
Laptop - <$600
A girlfriend.

What are your wishlists?

4 comments: said...

If you get the first 2, you are likely to have a better chance at getting the last one

The State of Human Intelligence said...

Showing teh daily support !

Steve said...

These are more wants than needs...

1TB+ External Drive
Ceramic Abec5/7 Bearings
Skateboard Complete
Comfortable computer chair
More money for college...

But then again, that's why I'm here ;)

Steve said...

Which do you like more, lifting weights, or having muscles?

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