After taking some time...

Since I had a day off I decided to look at many blogs to see ways I could improve my own, so I decided to spend more effort on these entries, and maybe even start a vlog.

There are those blogs with titles that would make it seem unintelligible and yet they have some of the best stories and they always keep me interested in reading their posts. Yet there are those blogs with an intricate name and yet their stories are shitty. I have yet to find a blog with legible nomenclature on blogger that uses a grammatically correct writing style along with images to keep me entertained. That's not to say my blog is any better as I probably lost your attention when I started discussing other blogs.

I will generally be using this blog as a means to improve my writing, so constructive criticism is welcome (if there is nothing to discuss in my posts). I will keep a consistent schedule so that my blog does not lack posts. I will keep my posts interesting by including images where able. I will use proper punctuation and writing style, and in doing so keep things intricate yet not appear like a big paragraph. Most importantly I will read other blogs in order to get a grasp of what appears to be professional and what appears to be rushed.

Though I am not sure what I will write about, I will try to make a better blog.

PS: I got most of these "improve your blog" techniques from John Chow's Free E-Book, so I highly recommend reading that if you have the chance.

PPS: I know I had no images on this post but bear with me, I'm building an image file as I type.


Fuuuuuuuu said...

Good ideas here

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