Midterms are over!

 So I don't know how many of the bloggers do it but when it comes to exam time, it becomes impossible to concentrate on anything else.

Like this?
 But yeah, I get some time to relax and chill out for a bit, so I finally can reduce the amount of bags under my eyes. First and foremost I've decided to start budgeting, as I keep spending as much as I make per month. Of course why stop there? I've also begun to manage my time better as well, as I have bad sleeping habits (it's 1:35am on a school night and my first class starts at 7:30AM.

So yeah, I'm probably going to give my money to my parents after my next paycheck so I can start off with a fresh amount to pay for things that I need, as well as get an idea of how much money I need to save.

Other than my life, nothing much has happened. If you didn't know, I'm a fan of the k-pop scene, so many things have happened like the comeback of 2PM, B2ST, and a few others, so I've been listening to their songs. One artist that stood out released a song on my birthday (not correlated) and I found it really well done.
Give it a listen, see if you like it. 

Just watch.

So what have I been up to?

 Well first off, there's this:
So if you click on the image it'll take you to a page where you can sign up and be one of the 1337 people to win that prize package.

As for me? I've been sick, harsh.

Missed 1 day of school (though I should have missed more), and oh yeah, university is pretty overwhelming compared to HS. Midterms coming up so it's basically study, study, study. Still getting good marks though (I'm A-sian for those who didn't know).

What else is new? Well since I was bedridden, I found my old PSP (I guess I should have mentioned I had one when I was going to buy a new one), and I downloaded Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. It's pretty fun, I would have bought it if I didn't spend my money on a laptop.

Yep the Qosmio by Toshiba.

Nothing too eventful, photos are coming up soon and if I like what I see I'll show you guys what they look like. Thanks for following, and stay real you guys.


Well my birthday was earlier this week, I got a nice sum of money and a great dinner to finish the day off. Don't know if I'm going to party it up with a few friends but we'll see how today goes. I have a bunch of homework to do. I slept at 6:00PM yesterday, because I was waiting for a call, but I had my phone on silent, and I woke up at 7 today with like 12 missed calls on my phone.
What I woke up to (x12)

Still haven't decided what to buy yet from the post below the trailer (which if you haven't watched, you should). The extra cash from my birthday isn't helping either >_>.  Speaking of my birthday, I heard insomnia playing while sitting at the resturant eating my dinner and now it's my repeat song on WinAmp.

Listen to it if you haven't before. 

So yeah, that's about all for now, I'm going to go work out now, and then enjoy lunch.

PS: I found my camera so I'm uploading some unboxings while I'm away. 

Bioshock Infinite Gameplay

Just going to say that was the craziest trailer I've seen for a game yet.

Have you guys seen any cooler ones? Let me know in the comments below.

What to buy?

Okay, I went to go pick up my paycheck and decided since I have some extra cash I was thinking of buying a few things.

Well actually it's either a PSP-3000 with CFW so I can play Birth By Sleep, Peace Walker, Dissidia, Monster Hunter, the whole shebang. 

So that... 

I was thinking of a monitor for my computer since I got my GTX460 (Sorry about the video, still looking for that camera). 24'' or bigger. I'm only looking to spend 200 total so 2ms might be a stretch. But yeah, they're both the same price and I already have an itouch for portable gaming. (Just that the PSP can do so much more in terms of gaming at the moment).

Something like this.

So yeah, if you guys had $200 dollars to spend what would you spend it on? (Ignore my wishlist from an earlier post, I already bought the whey protein and the hair straightener).  If you had more what would you spend it on? Would you save it or spend it? Let me know in the comments.

After taking some time...

Since I had a day off I decided to look at many blogs to see ways I could improve my own, so I decided to spend more effort on these entries, and maybe even start a vlog.

There are those blogs with titles that would make it seem unintelligible and yet they have some of the best stories and they always keep me interested in reading their posts. Yet there are those blogs with an intricate name and yet their stories are shitty. I have yet to find a blog with legible nomenclature on blogger that uses a grammatically correct writing style along with images to keep me entertained. That's not to say my blog is any better as I probably lost your attention when I started discussing other blogs.

I will generally be using this blog as a means to improve my writing, so constructive criticism is welcome (if there is nothing to discuss in my posts). I will keep a consistent schedule so that my blog does not lack posts. I will keep my posts interesting by including images where able. I will use proper punctuation and writing style, and in doing so keep things intricate yet not appear like a big paragraph. Most importantly I will read other blogs in order to get a grasp of what appears to be professional and what appears to be rushed.

Though I am not sure what I will write about, I will try to make a better blog.

PS: I got most of these "improve your blog" techniques from John Chow's Free E-Book, so I highly recommend reading that if you have the chance.

PPS: I know I had no images on this post but bear with me, I'm building an image file as I type.
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