So what have I been up to?

 Well first off, there's this:
So if you click on the image it'll take you to a page where you can sign up and be one of the 1337 people to win that prize package.

As for me? I've been sick, harsh.

Missed 1 day of school (though I should have missed more), and oh yeah, university is pretty overwhelming compared to HS. Midterms coming up so it's basically study, study, study. Still getting good marks though (I'm A-sian for those who didn't know).

What else is new? Well since I was bedridden, I found my old PSP (I guess I should have mentioned I had one when I was going to buy a new one), and I downloaded Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. It's pretty fun, I would have bought it if I didn't spend my money on a laptop.

Yep the Qosmio by Toshiba.

Nothing too eventful, photos are coming up soon and if I like what I see I'll show you guys what they look like. Thanks for following, and stay real you guys.


Dr. Phun said...

One of the 1337 people... I giggled, mlin :P

Janus Kane said...

I feel ya brovah my body finally quit on me. Been doing 2 weeks of straight doubles at work, training 2 new people and of course the blog following, posting, and running the blogring... Ugh. It seems everybodys been working overtime that I follow ;) Keep it up brovah, life doesn't quit, and neither can we.. And I remember those weird sweepstakes form the old Nintendo Power magazines.


Joel C Anatoli said...

Man.. I love high end gaming gear bro. Consider me signed up!

Jakeman-Jensen said...

Hope you feel better, man, I hope to see more of your post =D

loloriz0r said...

nice poll, btw (even though it´s quite hard to read ^^)

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